• Let CoursePlan do the job
  • Intelligent and intuitive for the best overview
  • Avoid un-necessary administration with CoursePlan

CoursePlan - saves time and simplifies the course administration

With our course administration software unnecessary administration can be avoided at the same time as the participants are offered a first class service. The program is web based and its report function gives you a great overview over the courses.

Astrakan CoursePlan consists of two parts: the administration interface, where all course administration is handled, and the public web site where participants can see and register to courses.

The software is web based, meaning the only thing you need in order to be able to work with the program is an internet connection.

CoursePlan is safe, stylistically pure and user-friendly with many electable functions. It is practically self-driven for administrators.

Barbro Österman, Luleå municipality

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  • Try the program for free, without any obligation to buy.
  • The trial period is 30 days, so you will be able to test it in peace and quiet.
  • All entered data is - and always will be - private.
  • Adjust the settings to suit your organisation.
  • You can find more information about our trial sites here.

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5 facts

Easy registration

Participants get a great course overview and can register or un-register via the public interface. This means less administration - time which can be put on other things.

Automatic e-mails

Thanks to e-mail templates e-mails can be pre-defined for, for example, booking confirmations and registration information - a function which saves a lot of time for the administrator.


The many different reports let you get detailed information about participants and courses – in order for you to have access to all the information you might need.

Web based

Since CoursePlan is web based you can reach it wherever and whenever, as long as you have access to an internet connection.


The SAML2 protocol makes it possible to create an environment with single-sign-on where double administration of participants is a thing of the past.