ESF and CoursePlan

Through co-operation with several ESF projects Artisan has developed a special version of CoursePlan. The application meets the needs of the skill building projects and also offers specially designed reports for the compilations to Statistics Sweden and the ESF council.

With CoursePlan ESF you get:
  • A complete system for administering courses.
  • The possibility to present courses with, for example, purpose, content and range.
  • The possibility to from the different courses create course dates where participant lists, attendance and certificates are handled.
  • Easy import of participants via an import file. Each participant belongs to an organisation which enables follow-up on company level.
  • A web based registration and attestation procedure, meaning that registration to a course can be either individual or done by a co-ordinator within the organisation. This person can also administrate the course participants in this organisation.
  • Specially designed reports which simplifies the work of the project leader, for example when compiling breakdowns to the ESF council or Statistics Sweden.
  • A completely web based system which do not demands any administration from you.