CoursePlan for administrators

CoursePlan is a smooth and user-friendly software and the interface gives the administrator a good overview of courses, organisations and participants. New courses are easily created and by giving users different roles, parts of the administration can be delegated.

Automatic e-mails
Advantages for the administrator:
  • A completely web based system for administering courses and events.
  • Time-saving since the participants search for information and register directly over the web, participants can be imported by co-ordinators instead of the administrator, and so on …
  • Efficient since you first add templates and from these create different courses in a fast and easy way.
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  • Easy import and export of participants. Each participant belongs to an organisation, which enables follow-up on company level.
  • Information is automatically sent to participants via e-mail according to pre-defined templates which is easily created in CoursePlan. This saves a lot of time for the administrator.
  • Big selection of flexible reports, as for example statistics grouped on courses, organisations, people, gender – or invoice details per participant, course or organisation.
  • Rent the web based system from Artisan, no own installation is necessary.