Too cold outside? Stay inside and try our programs online instead!

Testing Artologik

Are you curious to know how the Artologik software looks and works? Here you can read about all the progams - and try them!

Online demo

There are two possibilities: one is to do an "online demo" where you just log in and try the program directly. The online demo lets you see examples of how the program can be configured, and lets you experience all the functionality of the programs! Only the e-mail settings are missing. The system contains fictional organizations and users and other necessary data. You log in as the administrator and you are then free to add, remove, reconfigure, and try as many of the functions as you wish. Remember that others who log in at the same time as you can view any changes you make as well as the data entires. All changes are then cleared during the night.


Your own test site

Considering the publicly available data in the software, we recommend the other option for you to try the program if you want to do in-depth testing. You then get your own test site with a unique URL. We create it for you and give you a username and password that no one but you can access. You then have access to the full program for 30 days, and thus have ample time to evaluate the software. You can choose between having your testsite configured with sample data in the same way as the online demo, or to have it completely empty and with all settings in default ode.


If you are interested in any of the plug-ins for the programs, we can of course install them so that you can evaluate them further too.


You can order your own test site here or access the online demo now!

Naturally, you are always welcome to contact us about any queries.