Do it like EP:Digital ā€“ rent HelpDesk for your support activities!


EP:Digital, a Swiss multimedia and print company, was looking for an easy to use support software to optimize customer services and support processes ā€“ and found the perfect solution in Artologik HelpDesk.

EP:Digital provide their customers with high-quality products and solutions for IT, multimedia, smart living and various other areas. The company now uses HelpDesk for handling trouble tickets in an easy and efficient way that helps them steadily improve the quality of the support. 

With HelpDesk, EP:Digital can register, check and handle trouble tickets anytime and from any computer or smart phone with an internet connection ā€“ thus providing smooth and efficient ticket handling, shorter processing times and a constantly growing knowledge database. 

Tickets can be registered both by the customers, who either log in to the software as guests or with personal login details, and by the EP:Digital support team. A practical online FAQ also provides the customers with instant access to numerous possible solutions, tips and suggestions. 

Since they are renting the software, EP:Digital do not have to worry about the installation or maintenance of the software, nor do they need their own web server. Instead they get trouble-free use of the software, as well as access to numerous benefits included in the service agreement. That way they save time and effort and can fully concentrate on what is important: their customers. 

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