Terre de Café handles its projects with ProjectManager


Terre de Café is a French communication agency that “works mainly with communication consulting, graphic creation and website creation”, explains Mr. Duflot, director of the agency. Since the beginning of 2010, Terre de Café has used Artologik ProjectManager to plan its different projects.

We were looking for a software solution matching our needs for tracking and analyzing the time we spend on our various projects, and especially the website creations”, declares Mr Duflot. “We now use ProjectManager to plan our time per project and project member. Thus, we have a clear global view of the availabilities of every single employee”, he adds.


With ProjectManager, you structure your projects in: Programmes (optional), Phases, Activities, Users and Time. You can then both analyze and keep control over all the different stages of a project. Moreover, it is a web-based tool and, as Mr. Duflot highlights, “familiarizing yourself with the software is intuitive”. ProjectManager is easy and flexible enough for any user to work with.


Besides, the software solution lets you manage your financial information (salaries, costs, etc.) in an optimal way as well as it provides some invoicing functions. This enables you to plan both your human and financial resources efficiently.


Artisan places the customer relationship at the core of its business and thus offers a variety of extra services besides its licences. When Terre de Café bought ProjectManager, they decided to offer their employees a training session made by Artisan. Mr Duflot concludes our interview by saying that: “when we needed technical support, Artisan answered us quickly and efficiently”.



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Visit the Terre de Café web site (in French).




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