In Argentina they prefer Artologik HelpDesk


Ticma, a company in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has chosen the software Artologik HelpDesk for handling their support tickets. “Artologik HelpDesk is a very complete program with affordable prices,” said Mr. Walter Fili, Head of Infrastructure and Communications at Ticma.

 Ticma integrates new technologies into production lines in order to optimize their customers’ resources and to simplify their processes. Ticma tested different support programs to see which one it was the most suited to their needs. They chose Artologik HelpDesk to offer support to their customers and to stay in control of all their assistance processes. “We chose Artologik HelpDesk to improve the quality of our services”, said Mr. Walter Fili.


Ticma has purchased the license Light, and they are going to buy a license that allows for more members of the support team in the near future. That is one of the main reason s why they have subscribed to the Artologik HelpDesk Service Agreement.


The Service Agreement offers the following advantages to Ticma:

Only need to pay the price difference when upgrading to a larger program license

Access to unlimited technical support

Free program updates


Artologik HelpDesk allows Ticma to optimize their services and offer the best support to their customers.



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