Småland's Museum stays in control with EZbooking

Småland's Museum

The museum needed a web-based booking program for all their venues, cars and other resources and decided to rent the Artologik booking tool EZbooking.

They saw many advantages to the program - it is easy to work with, the calendars provide great overviews, double-bookings are non-existent and bookings can be made from any computer.


The museum also uses the plug-in EZ-Equip to book portable equipment, such as a sound system, which can be moved from one venue to another.


“Due to the many areas of activity and the wide-ranging nature of the museum’s projects, the booking program has become a great aid,” says Ms. Cornelia Gylfe of Småland’s Museum.


Read more about EZbooking and the plug-ins.


Visit the Småland’s Museum website.


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