Long distances, close customer relationships

Good relationships

The Artologik suite is now sold in more than 25 countries around the world. For the sales and support teams, this vast market requires innovation in the sales process as well as a willingness to walk the extra mile.

- We believe that both technical knowledge and great customer services are at the core of successful working relationships with our customers, says Ms. Isabelle Girona, international sales representative at Artisan.

- When we first get in contact with a potential customer, we listen to them describing their specific needs and expectations. We then inform the customer on how their requirements are met by our software, Ms. Girona continues. The next step is planning free phone demos of the programs so that all interested parties at the customer’s organization can evaluate it. Everyone can ask whatever questions they may have and everyone is convinced about the suitability of the software – before it is purchased!

One of the satisfied customers is Mr. Michel Layani of SAS De Borée Éditions, France. Mr. Layani points out that the user-friendly and customizable software, as well as the fast and knowledgeable responses from the Artisan staff, were the deciding factors when choosing the Artologik time registration program.

- We loved having one competent contact only, like an orchestra conductor. During the sales process all questions were handled through one person and taken care of by one person, even technical support, says Mr. Layani. It’s also great that the software is delocalized so no client installations are necessary: anyone can work with it from any PC or Mac connected to the internet.

The user-friendly software and the personal interaction with the customers easily summarize the Artisan motto of simplicity and efficiency.

- Each customer is individual, not two of them are the same, concludes Ms. Girona. Each case is different and we adapt to each new situation.

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