UNIT4 MAP customizes HelpDesk to their needs

100x100_frontRight_HD.png [12kB png]

The software company UNIT4 MAP has chosen the support tool Artologik HelpDesk to secure customer satisfaction both now and in the future.

UNIT4 MAP uses HelpDesk to provide support on the cost estimate and project management applications the company develops and sells. Around 15 employees now use HelpDesk to answer questions and find solutions for their customers who are entrepreneurial organizations, consulting companies or even municipalities working on various types of construction projects.

UNIT4 MAP chose to customize the support program by investing in the plug-ins HD-Advanced, HD-TIME and HD-Track. In order to fulfil all their information needs, they also asked for tailor-made functions for connecting HelpDesk to the internal product development processes.

HelpDesk provides UNIT4 MAP with valuable reports about their customers’ requests and support questions. The information then helps the company develop even better products.

The support software thus renders both the support and the research and development processes more effective!

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