Helsingborg replies to human resources questions through HelpDesk

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More and more people discover the benefits of using Artologik HelpDesk for taking care of their human resources. Latest in line is the city of Helsingborg.

With no less than 8,000 employees, it is not surprising the city needed an effective software for the management of their tickets. With HelpDesk, they take care of all incoming questions regarding their human resources.


ABB, the Belgian Government and the city of Helsingborg are just a few examples. Many companies nowadays choose support tools such as HelpDesk to ensure their internal communication on human resources matters.


HelpDesk can be used for all sorts of purposes in all kinds of relations. Some implement it for internal purpose (employees oriented), other for external use (customers oriented). The advantage of HelpDesk is that it is directed towards B2B as much as towards B2C.


Visit the website of the city of Helsingborg.

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