A second license of TIME for Ariane Systems!

Ariane Systems

Ariane Systems is the European leader in interactive check-in/check-out kiosks for hotels. The company has ten years’ experience in that sector, more than 1000 customers as well as subsidiaries and partners spread over ten European countries.

In March 2009, the Research & Development department acquired a first license of Artologik TIME, Artisan's software for the registration of worked hours. Attracted by its simplicity and its good value for money, the Projects Department has recently purchased their own license of TIME, the second for Ariane Systems. Two licenses for two services who wish to work with separate databases and projects!

Both departments use TIME in similar ways to evaluate the time spent per project. Thanks to the reports within TIME they can calculate the final profits of their projects, and compare them to their original estimations. They can easily trace which activities have been underestimated in terms of time needed, and then adjust if necessary the following projects.

A simple and effective way of managing time for Ariane Systems!

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