We protect your information


As of May this year the General Data Protection Regulation law, GDPR, was enforced in the EU. It is designed to protect the personal information of individuals. However, in March the CLOUD Act was passed in the USA.

With this new law, the Clarifying Overseas Use of Data Act, in effect, American cloud suppliers, such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google and others, can be forced to submit information to American authorities when requested to do so, no matter where in the world the data is stored. This includes personal data, which would prior to the CLOUD Act be protected under the GDPR law within the European Union. If the cloud supplier is an American organisation, the supplier must comply and hand over emails and other personal information to American authorities. 

At Artisan Global Media, we have always developed our own software and our servers stand safe in our local Data Center in Växjö, Sweden. Since the company is both founded and located in Sweden, it does not abide by American law, the Cloud Act does not apply to Artisan Global Media.

Our customers never have to worry about any of their information reaching a third party due to the CLOUD Act since all data saved on our servers is protected by Swedish and European law. By doing business with us, you can be sure that your data is your own property and we at Artisan Global Media protect it for you.