Maximum flexibility with Artologik HelpDesk

Charles Ischi AG

“HelpDesk’s biggest strength is clearly its flexibility, which helps us customize the program according to our needs in an optimal way”, says Christian Bur, service manager at Charles Ischi AG.

The company, an international supplier of testing technology equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, have used Artologik HelpDesk for their customer support requests since 2012. They recently decided to extend their license with the plug-in HD-TIME, which now helps them keep track of the time actually spent on solving each ticket. 

In addition, Charles Ischi AG uses a time buffer function, especially developed for them by Artisan. The function lets the company register pre-paid support hours for each customer and provides real time status on how many of these hours have been used up vs. are remaining. The Block hours report provides an overview over billable and non-billable time and can be used for customer reporting.

Christian Bur is also very pleased with Artisan’s support: “We would also like to point out the competent customer service at Artisan, a company that takes customers seriously.”