Working on the top floor

Office view

Photo: Linda Kirsten

The Artisan offices are located on the top floor of the so called ships in Videum Science Park in Växjö, Sweden. Our coffee-room is placed in the ship's bow, so sometimes the room sways briefly when it is windy outside, but other than that we do not take much notice of the height. But the view! Wow!

I have taken pictures of it in all kinds of situations, being the photo enthusiast I am, it is hard not to. The light breaks very nicely to the lake and the trees below. I have to post some photos later this year with the sparkling autumn leaves, it is something truly spectacular.

Photo: Anna JoanzonThe block named “The Inventor” is a result of an architect contest in 1999 and the buildings were finished in 2002, we have had our offices here since then. The buildings looks just like two large parallel ferries with diagonal wooden support poles on the sides. Did you know by the way, that the word "Videum" is a combination of the words "Växjö" and "Ideacenter" ("Idécentrum" in Swedish).

Photo: Anna Joanzón

At the moment, Videum Science Park is in a construction progress. A whole new building, House Charlie, will complement the current buildings. According to plan it will be finished next autumn, 2018. Every now and then we have to put up with some noisiness and some parking confusion occurs sometimes, but most things seems to be running smoothly. If you want to know more about this you can look at this link.

During this autumn, Artisan will have new releases of two programs, more about this in our news later. We will also release more films in our YouTube channel. There you can already view our instructional video about our ticket managing program Artologik HelpDesk, if you haven’t already seen it? The film can be seen in Swedish, English, French and German.

You can always call or email us, contact information is found here.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Linda Kirsten, infomaster at Artisan Global Media