Artisan's flexibility meets customers’ needs

M&L Communication Marketing GmbH

Artisan offers customers maximum flexibility, even when it comes to license sizes. A customer’s license can easily be adapted to the amount of surveys currently needed by that organisation.

Francisco Ramirez, Project Manager at M&L Communication Marketing GmbH really appreciates this flexibility. The company is using Survey&Report for international surveys since 2014 and they regularly adjust their rental license size.
“The System is reliable and scalable, we can upgrade or downsize our license whenever needed” says Mr. Ramirez, “and the data security policies are meeting our expectations.”

In addition to program functionality and ease of use, Artisan is dedicated to providing excellent customer support. Experienced trainers offer custom-tailored training sessions to find the best solutions according to each organisation’s specific needs, which is truly appreciated by Francisco Ramirez:
“After only a short introduction in the world of Survey&Report we were able to quickly create and design multi-language surveys. We would like to express our gratitude for Artisan’s support; individual requests are always welcome and the short response time is particularly praiseworthy.”