Artisan - experts on customer adjustments


Artisan continuously develop new features for the Artologik series. In addition to this, we develop new features and connections to other systems for you upon request.

For over 20 years we have helped customers all over the world to reach their goals by using our products. We sell, develop and support all Artologik programs ourselves, which qualifies us as experts on our solutions. We are thus able to help our customers quickly with no middle man. 

Artisan regularly releases new versions of the Artologik programs containing new features, which all customers benefit from. Furthermore, we have a lot of experience developing connections to other systems and other features on behalf of our customers.  Should you require any additional functionality our team will be happy to make a technical specifications together with you and offer to develop accordingly.

New functions and connections to other applications are fully integrated into the Artologik programs, making them easy to evolve at every new release.

Do you want to know more about our programs? Our sales and training personnel is standing by to guide you to the best solution. Don’t hesitate to contact us.