Survey&Report – about the hierarchy report function

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The hierarchy report function enables you to present your results filtered on different levels - simultaneously. For instance, comparing the answers from the whole organisation with a department or group.

If your respondents in your survey is a very complex group with several subgroups and many levels, it can sometimes be a lot of material to analyze. Especially if the groups should be compared both to each other but also with other levels.

With the hierarchy report functionality you can allow the report reader to use selection lists to filter the answers in tables and charts. You control which selection lists shall be available and which tables and charts shall be filtered by the selected option. 

With this function you can, for instance, compare the answers from the entire organization with a department or from a specific group. Using the selection lists in the introduction, the report readers could for example display the results from their own group and compare their result with the results from the department and the whole organisation, displayed in other sections.
We have also added a new presentation opportunity which lets you combine both charts and tables; the hybrid element. You use it to present data in various levels in a hierarchy report function. You can also use this hybrid element in a standard report without any hierarchy variable, just to combine a chart with table columns. Read more about the hybrid element in the link below.

S&R Hierarchy