Artologik HelpDesk: Better overview with sub-statuses

200x200_artBox3D_frontRight_Art13_HD.png [26kB png]

Apart from giving tickets different statuses to indicate where in the work process they are, you also have the possibility to create sub-statuses in order to specify the ticket status even further.

By choosing a sub-status for your tickets you get an even more detailed overview of your tickets which facilitates your day-to-day support work. You can create your own sub-statuses which you then connect to the main statuses “Opened” and “Pending” according to your own needs. You could for example define the “Pending” status further by adding to it “for an answer from customer” or “in test” or “in development”.

In the ticket list you can choose to add the column concerning the secondary status of the tickets as well as re-organise the list by clicking the column header to sort the information in alphabetical order; you can also choose the secondary statuses as being part of your filters for displaying your ticket lists.

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