Register the support time with HD-TIME

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With the plug-in HD-TIME you can account for time spent ā€“ down to the minute if you wish ā€“ while working with your tickets in HelpDesk. Invoice details can then be extracted for invoicing your support customers.

The standard version of HelpDesk lets you extract information about ticket time (the time from registration to the ticket is closed), but in order to know how long a ticket operator has actually spent working with the ticket you can use HD-TIME. The plug-in is a connection between Artologik HelpDesk and the time management software Artologik TIME. It lets you to register your time with just a few clicks and you do it in connection to the usual support work. It is also possible to let time be registered automatically when working on a ticket and to make time registration mandatory ā€“ which means the ticket operator cannot close the ticket without registering time.

The report part of the software then lets you invoice and display details for invoicing, which can be exported in order to be imported into, for instance, your accounting system. Both invoices and invoice details can be converted to PDF:s.

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