HD-Advanced enables a more efficient support work

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No matter which type of support you offer and no matter the size of your organisation, Artologik HelpDesk can assist you in your support work. For organisations with many objects to support and a more complex structure, the plug-in HD-Advanced offer the possibility to create hierarchic object and support structures.

By arranging the support organisation in different levels, support groups can be created for a more structured way of working with tickets. Maybe you would like to divide the support staff into groups based on their different skills? It is possible to regulate so that tickets end up with a specific group. You can also specify which support groups each group should be able to delegate to, which means a delegation chain of experts can be established.

Support organisations who work with many different types of tickets can divide the objects into object groups, which then can be connected to support groups.

Apart from working with object groups, an object hierarchy can also be established which means child objects are created for the objects. This object hierarchy can have an unlimited number of levels. In order for you to not have to set questions for each object, it is also possible to tie these questions to the object groups. In this way the work for the administrator can be simplified.

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