EZbooking: Book all at once!

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Time to schedule a conference? With EZbooking you can, at the same time as booking the conference room, register the visitors, book extra equipment – as for example beamer and laptop – and order the coffee for the afternoon break. This saves time and you get an even better overview since all information is gathered in one place.

The plug-ins EZ-Visit, EZ-Equip and EZ-Order let you save everything related to your booking in one place, whether it concerns visitors, equipment or orders. All information can then be found in one and the same confirmation e-mail and with this improved overview there is less risk of forgetting something important.

On our web site you can find more information concerning what is included in each plug-in. There you can also find further information about our booking software EZbooking.

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More information about EZ-Visit, EZ-Equip and EZ-Order >>