HelpDesk: Thorough follow-up makes your support even better

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In our ticketing software we offer several different report types in order for you to easily extract statistics for follow-up and evaluation of the ticket handling. By help of the reports support can be prevented, educational efforts can be put in place and the staffing can be planned in order to be even more resource efficient.

The report Handling time allow you to see statistics over the handling times of the tickets – how long does it take to solve each ticket? – as well as how big allotment of the tickets that has been solved within a certain time. When you create the report you decide whether the time should be measured from registration to closure or from registration until the support staff starts working with it. You can generate the report with or without consideration to the support opening hours, or with pre-defined time intervals.

With Volume report you can show the number of tickets for, for example, a chosen group, a specific operator or organisation. The report shows the number of tickets per chosen group, as well as the percentage of the total for each.

Ticket list is a report which, among others, allow you to see which tickets a certain ticket operator has worked with and closed during the last month, or which support issues a certain object fuel.

Apart from these, there are also the reports Ticket volume and Ticket history, as well as the SLA report for those using the plug-in HD-Advanced.

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