Artologik EZbooking: Decide who can book what

200x200_artBox3D_frontRight_Art13_EZ.png [27kB png]

Do you not want all users to have the right to book all of the objects? Did you know that EZbooking lets you decide who can book what?

As administrator there are different ways to regulate the user rights for the different bookable objects. You can either do it on each respective user, or by connecting objects to organisations.

At user level the scale from 1 to 9 is used, where each user is ranked. 1 is the lowest authorisation and 9 gives the user the right to see and book all of the objects. The objects are also ranked in a corresponding way, which means an equivalent or higher number is needed in order for a user to be able to book the object. It is also possible to set whether or not users should be able to view the objects which they do not have authorisation to book.

If the authorisation is handled on the organisation level, objects are tied to the organisations. This means that users who are connected to a specific organisation can book objects which are connected to it.

It is also possible to use a combination of the two, meaning users within an organisation are given authorisations through the 1 to 9 ranking.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to decide when a user can book a certain object. Learn more about this next week.

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