Survey&Report: The survey tool with few limitations


The Swedish company Consentio Ledarskap AB has been using Survey&Report since the beginning of 2013. They perform leadership development trainings and use the survey tool for 360 degree feedback for the participants in their different programs.

“We work quite a lot with survey templates and predefined reports and this saves a lot of time and effort”, says Malin Johansson at Consentio Ledarskap. “The survey tool is easy to use, offer a lot of possibilities and has few limitations. It is also user friendly for those answering the surveys and this was crucial for us. Our customers can answer the surveys via e-mail, via regular mail with a link to the survey, or on paper.”

Survey&Report have an analyse function which makes it possible to calculate a mean value based on the respondent answers of a certain question or several questions. This allows you to, for example, compare results when evaluating 360 degree feedback.

“We use the analyse function to calculate a mean value on one or several question areas, as for example Organisational skills and Management”, says Malin Johansson. “The co-operation with Artisan and the support we have gotten from our contact person has exceeded all of our expectations. They give quick feedback and find solutions when we get stuck. We are very happy with choosing Artisan as our provider.”

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