The leading Nordic sports chain manages their support with Artologik HelpDesk


The Swedish retail chain Stadium has been using the support software Artologik HelpDesk since 2001. Their 74 ticket operators manage issues about, for example, products, salaries, customer loyalty programs, window displays and agreements.

“With HelpDesk we have a joint place for all employees and all types of tickets”, says Christian Johansson, Senior Advisor at Stadium. “The staff does not need different phone numbers or e-mail addresses, but have one support tool for everything. This, in turn, means that they have more time focusing on the customers instead. The software is easy to administrate and since all information about a ticket is saved in one place, transfers are smooth when a ticket needs to be passed forward.

The ticket operators are divided into 15 different support groups and about one thousand tickets are registered each month.

“The software is very accessible and during the years we have not had to contact Artisan more than on a handful of occasions”, says Christian Johansson. “However, when we have done so the people at Artisan have always been very service minded and the response has been quick.”