Dive deeper with Aggregate report


In the plug-in SR-Advanced Report you can create Aggregate reports; a report type which is very useful for those who frequently perform evaluations. The report type is easily created and is a sharp tool which allows you to create survey breakdowns and make comparisons in order to see trends and tendencies amongst your target groups, whether they are students, customers or employees.

The standard version of Survey&Report contains a vast range of report types making it easy for you to present your surveys in good and easily viewable ways. However, for those performing big and/or frequent evaluations it might be valuable to present compilations or comparisons between these in other ways. This is why we created the report type Aggregate report, which is a part of the plug-in SR-Advanced Report.

The Aggregate report allows you to set up a chart where the result from different surveys is shown. This chart can be grouped according to your wishes, for example on respondent category, survey category or time period, in order to show a breakdown of the result. It is also possible to see the answering frequency, either on all of the respondents or filtered on a certain group. When you are done creating the report you can print it or save it as an Excel file.

The plug in also lets you create so called Report readers. A report reader is given authorisation on a specific survey, either manually or via the respondent categories he or she is connected to. By connecting the Report reader to the report you make it possible to, for example, allow a department manager see a breakdown of the result for his or her specific department, as well as the total in order to compare the unit with the company at large.

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