Create a more dynamic support by using Web service

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Did you know Artologik HelpDesk supports the use of Web service? This makes it possible for external systems to communicate with our support software, which in turn can make your ticket handling smoother and more dynamic.

By letting systems supporting Web service communicate with each other, conditions for automation and simplification of your ticket registration can be created. Functions in HelpDesk can be requested from external systems and used to exchange data. Here are some examples of what you can do with our Web service:

•    Automatically create tickets from forms on an external web site.
•    Create an integration with, for example, customer systems, unburdening the program administration.
•    Update tickets from other systems.
•    Publish tickets and ticket information on other places.
•    Let active systems register events and automatically create tickets reporting errors.

Contact us for further examples on how you can use Web service with Artologik HelpDesk.