Create course evaluations with Survey&Report

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Continuous evaluation is the key to progress and should be a given part of the quality management within organisations and companies giving courses. Through evaluations you are given the chance to development, but they can also be receipts of success.

It is important to setup the evaluations so that you can get the full picture of the work when making the analyses ā€“ both your own and the participants'. The evaluation can concern the relevance and structure of the course, the commitment of the teacher and participants, the level of ambition in relation to the length of the course, but also the teaching practice and material.

Artologik Survey&Report make the evaluation process ā€“ from survey construction to the important analysis ā€“ easy and fast. The program lets you send out reminders and gives you access to a vast number of question types. Reports are created with only a few clicks of a button and can be presented on your web site or intranet, or exported as PDF or to Word.

For organisations with big flows, like universities and colleges, we have also developed the possibility to automatize the work. If you would like to know more about the automatization you are welcome to contact us.

You can find further information about Artologik Survey&Report here.