Put your focus on the customers with Survey&Report


For each organisation striving to evolve it is important to know how the customers perceive the work. At Electra Sweden Inc. customer surveys are continuously performed with the survey tool Survey&Report.

“We always focus on our customers and partners”, says Ulf Peterson, marketing controller at Electra Sweden Inc. “We want to be proactive and know how we are perceived by our customers and whether or not they think we fulfil the expectations and demands they have on us.”

The key factors which control the degree of customer satisfaction are identified in the survey and allows for improvements within certain areas to be prioritised. In order to ensure the quality, customer surveys should be performed on a regular basis. 

“We perform between four and five customer surveys each year”, says Ulf Peterson. “The surveys have different focus areas, partly because we don’t want them to be too heavy, but also in order to make the results as qualitative as possible.”

Survey&Report offers a fast and easy distribution of surveys and at Electra Sweden they are happy with the program. 

“The thing that we appreciate the most with Survey&Report is the simplicity and the great variety of question types when creating surveys”, says Ulf Peterson. “The report part of the program also allows us to filter target groups/respondents in an easy way.”

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