360 degree feedback with Survey&Report

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Feedback is the key to evolving and especially important for people in management positions. Many of our customers use Artologik Survey&Report for leadership assessments and the so called 360 degree feedback is often performed with our survey tool.

The objective when doing a 360 degree analysis is mostly to acquire information for evaluation. The analysis give feedback on the leadership and can work as a good starting-point for a constructive development plan.

In a 360 degree analysis the individual assesses his or her own achievements in different work related aspects. A corresponding assessment is also performed by superiors, colleagues and subordinates. This results in a graph which shows the difference between replies from the individual and his or her co-workers.

Survey&Report in an excellent tool for this type of analysis and the program lets you divide the respondents into different categories, as for example colleagues and subordinates. In this way you can get an even better overview of the different respondent groups. Furthermore the chart type spider diagram, which can be found in the standard program, allows you to present the result in an easily viewable way.

Here you can read more about Survey&Report and see how the program will assist you with your leadership assessments.