The French Federation of Disability Sport "in the cloud"!


The French Improving Health and Lives Learning Disabilities Observatory (ODH) is a new charity commission within the French Federation of Disability Sport (FFH), established 2009. Bernard Courbariaux, president of the ODH, recommended the FFH to acquire Artologik Survey&Report and testifies here about his choice for cloud computing.

    The mission of the ODH is to develop insertion policies and strategies by going in the field and meeting with people suffering from impaired hearing, mobility and vision. The policies developed by the federal commission aim at helping those persons practice sports in competition or on their spare time.

    In order to achieve its goals, the ODH has planned on carrying out surveys based on various targets: associations, centers and services specialized in children integration, sports teachers, sports organizations, reeducation centers, schools for disabled, leisure licensees and competition licensees...




Who is Bernard Courbariaux?


Artisan: What was your original plan?


BC: We actually have several ongoing projects: a survey about the practice of sports by disabled children, a questionnaire about the need of training for instructors in licensed clubs, and several surveys internal to the federation including secret ballot votes.


Artisan: Did you first think about a Web-based survey program to fulfill your  project?


BC: “Internet is the favorite communication tool for disabled people; it is the best way to reach out to them. That is why we looked for a web based software. Our idea was to interact easier with our members by distributing our surveys by e-mail”.


Artisan: Why did you choose Survey&Report among all the programs you tested?


BC: We had been looking at survey programs during a whole year but none was at our convenience. The instructions were not in French, the translations made no sense, or the statistics tools for the reports were too complicated. I have to emphasize that our association is mostly composed of volunteers so we needed to find a solution easy to work with. Survey&Report, is a European software program translated correctly to French and our relationship with the providing company is of great quality. In addition, the reports section can display the results into multiple professional tables and graphics.  Another important point that deserves highlighting: the reports can be published on the web, providing an extra service to our respondents. Last but not least, Survey&Report is compatible with screen readers offering our visually impaired respondents the possibility to participate as well.


Artisan: You ordered a training about the software, why?


BC: As far as I am concerned, I think it was absolutely essential to gather all the users and provide them with the necessary knowledge so that they could start working quickly and independently on their own surveys. One of our targets was to learn how to publish our creations. I would like to underline the importance of training and practicing on the question types in order to master the numerous possibilities. You do have to think about the correlation between what you want to ask and the results you want to get in the reports.


Artisan: What encouraged you to speak about our software to other services at the FFH (management, training department, IT  department…)?


BC: First of all for a matter of profitability and then for its practical side: all the departments of the Federation are in need of collecting information. It is worth using the same tool in order to speak the same language. It is particularly important for the decision-makers to analyze the results that all of the reports follow the same standard.


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