Survey&Report gets a 5-star review!

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The first feedback received about our new software Survey&Report could not be any better!

'E-rgonomy' awarded our program Artologik Survey&Report 5 stars, after they conducted a thorough analysis. This Spanish IT company highlighted in its review that even non-experienced users can produce surveys and reports just like professionals would.


'E-rgonomy' appreciates the very complete set of tools provided for the customization of the design, allowing each company to adapt each survey to their own graphic profile. Moreover, the large number of question types and answer functions available in the basic version, as well as the additional ones provided by the plug-in SR-AdvancedSurvey were categorised by E-rgonomy as very positive. 


The detailed reports inside Survey&Report are also described by E-rgonomy as being particularly useful. Not to mention the exportation of the results which is an alternative not found in most programs of this type.
Let's finish with their own conclusion:"We are clearly in presence of a mature, stable and very complete product: the strong online presence ensures monitoring and support, making of Survey&Report a safe choice for those companies in need of professional feedback." You can read the full review on the E-rgonomy blog (in Spanish).


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Visit the E-rgonomy website (in Spanish)


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