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Would you like to create a web-based survey without having to buy a survey tool or renting one for an extended period of time? Then our SaaS Query&Report One-time survey is the right choice for you.

Query&Report One-time survey is a SaaS* that you rent from us for 90 days. That gives you three months to conduct your survey. Your licence is installed on our web server, which means you can access the survey tool through the Internet at any time.



We provide you with a web address for the program, a user name and password. You create the survey, add and select survey respondents, send out the actual survey, wait for replies and, last of all, create reports with statistics from the study. Simple, is it not? If you want to, you can start using the program by sending out one or more trial surveys, just to make sure that everything works as expected.


Query&Report is available in four languages: Swedish, English, German and French. This makes it easy to create and conduct a collaborative survey together with your colleagues in other countries. If you want to translate the actual survey into various languages (even ones with different alphabets) you can add the plug-in QR-Multilanguage to your rental site. QR-Multilanguage also lets you create reports in different languages.


The price for Query&Report One-time survey is 395 Euros excluding VAT. Included in this price are the licence cost, the web platform cost and a service agreement, eg. the right to technical support and potential updates during the rental period. The price for Query&Report One-time survey with the plug-in QR-Multilanguage is 610 Euros excluding VAT.


Would you like some help or advice on how to get started with the program and the surveys more quickly? Even though the software is quite easy to work with, it can sometimes be useful to get an introduction and some handy tips at the start. We offer one or two-hour training sessions on the program. The training is carried out over the phone and through the use of a remote access computer. It costs 65 Euros per hour excluding VAT.

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* SaaS - Software as a Service