Visit from the Parliament

Monica Haider Lovisa Alm

Monica Haider (right) and Lovisa Alm (left)

Swedish Parliament Member Monica Haider came for a visit to our office at Artisan. Haider and her colleague Lovisa Alm, found out more about Artisan and our products.

Haider was particularly interested in our international market and we talked about our presence on the European market, the German and French in particular. Sören Strömberg, CEO of Artisan, also spoke about the Australian market, which has grown into a prominent market this year.

“Despite the sometimes long distances between our countries, we aim for close customer relations. But, actually, we do not meet that often in person with our customers. We use for example video conferences rather than to travel long distance, it is in line with our environmental policy. The Earth’s resources are not limitless and we try to do our part. Sometimes it is of course still necessary to travel”, he says. 

“It was very interesting to hear about Artisan's global market, that you have customers all over the world, I did not know that,“ says Haider.

We also looked at some customer cases, such as SUNET, Swedish University Computer Network, which contains 40 universities and colleges and about 60 other organisations such as research facilities and museums. Universities within SUNET uses Artologik Survey&Report to create surveys and reports.  

Haider and Alm were also shown our recording studio, which we use to create product videos in five different languages for the Artologik series.

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