Survey&Report: Compare surveys with SR-Advanced Report

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Do you perform recurring surveys? If so, you probably want to be able to compare the results in order to see variations and trends more clearly. This can be done with the plug-in SR-Advanced Report, which contains a comparison function.

The plug-in makes it possible to create a report based on a survey and then tie other surveys to it. You set a comparison data set – i.e. the survey questions which are to be compared – and these are matched automatically. If questions or response alternatives have been altered from one survey to another, this is easily solved by manual matching.

The function can also be used in order to merge two surveys into one report, for example if you in hindsight realise you would like to present two separate surveys at once.

View the instruction video to see how you compare surveys. You are also welcome to contact us in order to learn more.

Link to the video >>