Survey&Report: Create paper surveys with SR-Advanced Survey

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Sometimes it is hard for respondents to answer a survey online – they might not have an e-mail address or the survey is being performed in a place where there are no computers. For those occasions it is ideal to use the function Paper survey.

It is easy to create paper surveys and you print them with a regular printer. When the survey has been answered, the filled out papers are scanned into pdf:s which are analysed by the software. The responses are registered automatically.

Even though a paper survey has been printed the survey can still be answered on the web. This allows you to, for example, send the web survey URL together with the paper survey, offering the respondents to answer whichever way they prefer. The paper survey can be created for both respondent surveys and public surveys.

The function Paper survey is a part of the plug-in SR-Advanced Survey, which you can read about here.

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